Auto Insurance

Don't let those other insurance companies assume certain information about you. We will work with you to create a customized personal quote just for you. We work with all drivers, even those with DUI's, suspended licenses, and higher risk individuals.

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Home Insurance

House Insurance, also called homeowners insurance, is a safety net on your most valuable possessions. Your family and belongings should be protected in the event a disaster occurs. There's no need to worry when you know your covered.

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Motorcycle Insurance

Did you know you are required to have motorcycle insurance when you own a motorbike? Get the right level of coverage for your needs. If you have any questions, call us!

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Commercial Insurance

A commercial vehicle is any type of motor vehicle used for transporting goods or paid passengers. If you think you need this for your business, you probably do. Call us today to find out.

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Recreational Vehicle Insurance

The term "recreational vehicle" covers more than just RV's. Jetski's, ATV's and many other valuable property can be covered under this type of insurance.

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Life & Health Insurance

Life insurance isn't something you think about everyday, until it happens. Don't worry your family over the sudden financial burden, make sure you can provide even after a serious event.

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Rapid Loans

Rapid Auto Loans is a consumer finance company licensed in the State of Florida. We specialize in providing immediate short-term cash loans on the customer's personal vehicle value. Credit scores are not a condition of approval. Rapid Auto Loans was created to provide customers with immediate access to funds without the delay of traditional financing.

Available in Florida Only